Golden Fields

This evening we attended the 9-year old’s summer violin concert at school.  I was almost moved to tears by the synchronized delivery and the sight of over a 100 earnest little faces concentrating so hard on their music.  Why “almost”, you ask? The lady that sat right in front of me – and kept waving her camcorder around (and swaying wildly along with it) like it was a private viewing party – kept it real for me.

My favorite piece was the Golden Fields, which you can watch at

Our seats were not bad, but as it usually goes at these school concerts, they were far from ideal.  I couldn’t get a front view but I am sure you can spot my own little violinist sitting right near the conductor.  [Interestingly, the conductor apparently remarked afterwards to the kids that she was very moved during this particular piece, which shows self is not totally gnana sooniyam!]

All things considered – a very enjoyable evening, indeed. 🙂


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