Pet Peeve

After years of asking for pets that ranged from goldfish to dogs to guinea pigs (even baby alligators for a brief wild time) – and being successfully fended off by an unrelenting me – the girls seem to have settled on a bunny rabbit.  Probably after seeing the delightful bunny family that has been spotted running around the trees in our yard over the past couple of weeks.

The 6-year old provided written arguments for why they should get a bunny: (1) Bunnies are so cute; and (2) They have their own litter box.  Along with a lovely drawing of a bunny in a garden.

I was unmoved.  I reminded the girls of our upcoming India trip and asked what would happen to the bunny when we were away.  The 9-year old (who tells me she plans to become a lawyer when she grows up, and rightly so) reminded me that we took care of our neighbor’s goldfish for a week when they were on vacation, so how about we give them a chance to reciprocate now.  I replied that goldfish were low maintenance whereas cleaning up after bunnies would be a really big imposition.  The girls chewed on this, and shrugged it off saying, “Sure, we’ll wait till the end of summer for our bunny.”

I was not done.  “Who’s going to clean the litter box?”, I asked.  The 6-year old immediately replied “Why, you of course!”.  Before I could scream “Aha!!” in a villainous manner, the 9-year old (sensing the end of the game) countered with “You and I can take turns, Bubby (her pet name for her little sister).  Mommy, can you just make sure you get a box of gloves for us so we can handle the litter safely?  I really don’t mind doing this.” she said.  The smoothie.  I was taken aback.  Can this really be??  My girls, offering to clean up after bunnies?

Still, like Arjuna, I had other ammo in my quiver.  “Well, what if the bunny throws up? Huh, what then? That’s not a guaranteed litter box item! Who’s handling that?”, I shot at them.  While the 6-year old pondered over this, the 9-year old walked way.  “Ok, then”, I said to myself, and returned to my vegetable cutting.

A few minutes later, a triumphant 9-year old walked back into the kitchen.  She had researched on the internet as to whether bunnies can possibly throw up.  Apparently, they cannot, which is why hairballs are a huge problem for them.

I was momentarily at a loss for words.  So I turned to N for help.  But none was forthcoming.  “Well, if we are not going to have a third child, might as well get that bunny, right?” he said, without missing a beat.

WHAT??? Whose side does he think he’s on? And when was a third child ever on the table??

Hmmm… have to admit, that bunny is starting to look pretttty good to me right now. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Pet Peeve

  1. at the risk of getting brickbats from u (and N), here is one suggestion from me: give a choice to the kids: either a sibling or a bunny!!! seriously speaking, ask the kids to come up with solutions when the bunnies have 4 baby bunnies…what do they propose to do then? meanwhile I’ll watch this space…

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