I’ve been blogging for about a half a year now.  And TOTALLY loving it – waaaay more than I expected to.  I keep reading that successful blogs should be informative and geared towards providing “value” to its readers.  Well, not this one, baby!  In fact, I challenge you to point to one post of mine that would have remotely been of use to anyone under the sun.  Looking back at what I have written in the past five months, my blog is a collection of random thoughts and memories that pop into my head, day-to-day things about the girls that amuse or move me, and my lofty (mostly “chillaxing”) plans for the future.

My blog is merely a slice of my life – the slice that I choose to share with you.

My blog…

  • is the diary that I stopped writing as a teenager (well, a less “all out” version)
  • is my brag book – especially since I recently swore off The “It” Bragging Venue (aka facebook) at least for the near-term (Hmmm… how many more days to the end of August?)
  • makes me smile
  • keeps me honest on my weight-loss journey
  • is my baby
  • has greatly increased my appetite for reading – perhaps because I now fancy myself a writer and am subconsciously scoping out the competition (aiyye JK Rowling, konjam otthu)
  • is a handy tool for keeping track of the sweet little things the girls say and do (which I hope will get me through their teenage years)
  • is Zen Heaven – a place where I experience “flow”.  That fantastic creative place where it’s just me and what I am writing at that moment and nothing else matters.
  • got me out of the fog that I was under for most of 2011 (not that the fog was evident to people that I interacted with – not even close family)
  • has four posts that are from my heart – four that surprised me with how they just poured out faster than I could type.

Can you guess which four? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blogomania

  1. “successful blogs should be informative and geared towards providing “value” to its readers.”
    BS. A successful blog must make the reader laugh out loud (“Aiyye JK Rowling, konjam othu” I rest my case !)
    Umm, lets see. 1. A Decade of Motherhood 2. (Hot) Dog Day 3. Fractional Weights 4. One Year Later – actually, I think all of them are from your heart…so hard to pick out four !

  2. Sorry, K – you lose the challenge. All (ok – almost all) your blog postings have made me either laugh or engrossed me or made me think a little deeper or at the minimum, entertained me thoroughly. So, yes – at least 1 person under the sun has found it useful :-). BTW, it has also allowed me to brag to my friends here that I know a “real blogger”.

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