Went with a mildly protesting 6-year old to her swimming lesson last night.  On the way there, she goes “Mommy, why is this place called “Can Do” Fitness?” “Well, because they want you to know you “can do” it!! All these awesome activities there like swimming, gym, martial arts, etc.” I replied, in my best motivational, inspirational voice.  “I really wish they called it “Can’t Do”.  Then you won’t be making us do all these activities,” she countered.  Hmmm… sooookshamopathy!!

Our trip to Stowe, VT is coming up soon.  Finally.  I made our hotel reservations waaaaay back in February. Can’t wait!!  Talking of “wait”, inexplicably seem to have put on two pounds over the weekend.  How can it be??? Merely sipped Madras coffee and sat there watching N and the kids dig into paneer puffs, assorted chaats, masala dosais, and yummy little cakes at Hot Breads.  Played outside with the kids on sunday, and ate v. little dinner in last ditch attempt to become svelte babe just in time for vacation.  Efforts not working, apparently.  Also, hairdresser was way overbooked so couldn’t get hair cut and styled over the weekend as had originally planned.  Fast fading – image of svelte babe biking on a sun-kissed Stowe recreation path with hair waving happily in the wind.  ANYWAY.  Small hurdles.  Quite looking forward to the mini-trip! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Went through something similar last week. Put on 2 KILOS during my extremely conscious diet days :S Thanks to mom’s intervention, I came back to regular balanced eating and am steadily dropping 100s of grams.

    Have fun in Stowe !!

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