Ode to an Art Teacher

Dear Mrs. S:

You gave me “2 out of 10” on drawings that I thought were my masterpieces.

You routinely looked like you were about to spit on the aforementioned masterpieces.  Or perhaps, more disturbingly, on the artist herself.

You were so incredulous about my total lack of artistic abilities, and called me all kinds of names (tame names, but still names).

I can still recall shivering in fear each week – before and during those two consecutive periods that we called “Art Class”.

I distinctly remember the air smelling sweeter and life looking up in 8th grade.  Not because I was thrilled to become a teenager.  Solely because “Art Class” was only through 7th grade.

Mrs. S, after dealing with you, I still have the jitters if I am asked to draw.  Even now – more than 25 years after I escaped your clutches.

So, it is immensely comforting to have a little munchkin that absolutely delights in drawing, AND draws delightfully. 🙂


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