Random Happenings

The rest of the week looks absolutely horrendous in terms of things that need to get done at work.  Of course, what that means is (and I am learning things about myself here every day), I am big time dilly-dallying instead of diving into the mountain that’s my inbox.

  •  Mother’s day was really fun.  The girls woke me up with yells of “surprise”!! at 6:30 am.  And a breakfast tray with toast, fried eggs, orange juice, out of the world homemade cinnabons, and flowers (roses from our front yard).  They also had little hand-made cards and gift wrapped earrings.  The fact that Daddy is out of town and the girls still pulled a surprise together made it that much more special for me.
  • Went out for lunch with the girls over the weekend and ate outside in balmy 82 deg F weather.  Mmmm…. it was fabulous! Although, birds that hopped near our table ate more than little A.
  • Went to Barnes & Noble after lunch and browsed for a couple of hours.  The first one that wanted a snack break was yours truly.  The girls are growing up, sigh!
  • Read a hilarious laugh-out-loud book – “to what miserable wretches have I been born?” by Suzanne Weber (What’s up with the no caps? Does SW think she is e.e. cummings??).  The book is less than a 100 pages, and is a series of short poems (not really rhyming) from a baby’s perspective.  Totally enjoyed it!
  • Chatted with N on skype and saw China (from his hotel room window, of course) and pics of the Great Wall from his iPhone through skype.  I am waaaay too technology-averse for an engineer, but am beginning to think it’s a wonderful thing! 🙂
  • Having mixed luck calling N at China.  Sometimes the call goes through right away.  At other times I get messages that the lines are all busy.  For hours.  When I do get through, the receptionist talks Chinese (of course) .  I slowly ask for the room number.  They ask for the guest’s full name.  Takes me a while to spell N’s long last name, at which point some of the ruder receptionists have already hung up! The others just say “nihao” “nihao” and then hang up.  Grrr… all the more reason to like skype.
  • I just bought tickets for our India trip this summer.
  • I have mixed feelings about this trip. I am excited as always about going to India (Thaai Manne Vanakkam!!), and I am already planning lunch outs with friends.
  • But this is the first India trip without Appa.  Well.  The last trip was without Appa too, but it was all about him at that time.  Amma and I will now open the house after more than a year.  In some ways, I am looking forward to that too.  At other times, not so much.  I miss my boy.  I just want to go back in time and feel again that umbrella of Appa’s love that sheltered me from tough times.  And I know that’s not where I am going back to.
  • I want to say with Caillou “growing up is not so tough, ‘xcept when I’ve had enough.”

I think I am ready for N to come home.  Enough with China already!


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