FB and Oversharenting

Decided to read a random article on yahoo during my lunch break (big mistake, to start).  Happened to pick one that rants about Facebook and how people “oversharent” (What are these ridiculous words that are being made up everyday? Ugh!).  But, the points in the article did make me think.  Absolutely, am I not guilty of:

  • posting more pictures than people probably care to view;
  • posting more kid pictures than good sense indicates I should put out in a public forum for all the world to see;
  • checking back frequently for comments and “likes” once I post something;
  • immensely enjoying the oohs and aahs of friends (when they do materialize);
  • getting annoyed if one of my “friends” comes up with a rude or sarcastic comment instead of the oohs and aahs that I have become conditioned to expect;
  • spending the next half hour contemplating smart comebacks to the rude person (think Seinfeld’s “The jerk store called.  They ran out of YOU!!”) – and coming up with nothing;
  • being thrown off if one of (what I think are) my witty status updates gets no “likes” or comments within an hour;
  • advertising an updated blog post on FB almost as soon as I write the blog post itself…

The list goes on.

Not that there’s anything (greatly) wrong with it.  I do enjoy reading about what’s going on in people’s lives.  At least the selective, cool stuff that’s reported.  The funny, smart, contentious, and (occasionally) heart-warming things that they say.  And all the posturing.  Including my own.

But, in the spirit of zenning, and staying in the present (not to mention – avoiding getting worked up over real and perceived insults), I am going to keep my FB updates to a minimum.  This is it.  No pictures, no vacation updates, no pithy Jack Handey quotes, and, sigh! – this is the most difficult one – no major brag posts about the girls.  Keeping it to a minimum (not totally quitting cold turkey), because I do enjoy posting my blog updates (the one vice I am going to allow myself) and hearing back from people that read them.  And I still want to read and comment and “like” what other people post (ok, make that five vices). How long is this experiment going to go on, you ask?  Till the end of August.  Why August?  Well, August seems more doable than “forever”, that’s why.

Starting NOW.  Let’s see where it takes me.


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