Sweet Talk

6 year old – “Mommy, can I have some candy later?”

Me (in what I hope is a firm “in command” voice) – “Much later.  You just had two chocolate-filled cookies.”

6 year old (starting a little whine) – “Huh, that’s not fair. Not “much later”, just “later”, ok?”

I don’t respond to this.

6 year old (trying again) – “Mommy, did you want candy a lot when you were little?”

Me – “No. I don’t have a sweet tooth.  I never wanted candy that much at all.”

6 year old (opening a chocolatey mouth and saying v. seriously) – “See all these teeth in here?  They are ALL sweet teeth.  Now that’s why they want candy!”

How can you argue with that? 🙂


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