A Decade of Motherhood

“Andha pillai nalam kollavum, ennai paarthu enai vellavum, kannil vaithu nenjil vaithu naan valarthen…”

Dec 13, 2001 (you knew I was good with dates).  I woke up that day at 4 am (like today) and decided that I would do the P-test.  Again.  I knew that it was still way too early to test, and the obsessive in me had already tested a couple of times that week.  Did the test anyways, and five minutes later, there it was.  That faint blue line.  I woke N up and showed it to him.  “Isn’t that blue too light?” he asked.  I was triumphant.  “No, blue is blue.  The bun is in the oven.” (My exact words.  Think I was watching too much Seinfeld and Friends those days.)  I drove the one hour drive to work in what felt like 10 minutes, with my head full of baby thoughts.

Neha arrived at 7:32 am on sunday, August 25, 2002.  Paul Reiser says it best for me in “Babyhood”:  “The baby drew a very clear line down the middle of our lives.  On one side was everything we had ever been through, and on the other, this moment on.”

June 9, 2005.  I was a (sort of) experienced mom of a precocious almost 3 year old.  Sitting at lunch at an outdoor cafe with my colleagues, I suddenly just KNEW that I was expecting again (not “experienced mom” for nothing!).  No obsessive P-testing this time.  Anika arrived (two weeks before the due date) on friday, February 3, 2006 at 11:59 am (the nurses in the delivery room were having a wager as to whether she would be born in the morning or in the afternoon, and there was a lot of hooting and cheering when she did arrive that morning).

Hmmm… two weekend babies.  Maybe that’s why there’s so much “chillaxing” going on around here.

I find lots of changes in me since becoming a mom (perhaps because I finally had to grow up).  The worrying part of me amplifies a 1000 times, especially when one of them is sick.  Or out on a field trip with their class minus a hovering me.  I cried a bucket (in front of friends, yikes!!) when 9 month old Neha rolled out of bed at A & P’s house, and I was not nearby.  Luckily, I don’t do that anymore (If one of them now rolls out of bed, I check to see if anything lying on the floor beneath got broken or crushed.).  I try to be more socially conscious, if only to be a good role model for the girls.  I am not shy about singing in public like I used to be, because I want my girls to know how to enjoy their talents.  You know the “Tiger Mom and back” story, so I won’t tell you again.

A decade of motherhood.  It’s been an incredible journey.  Happy Mother’s Day!


2 thoughts on “A Decade of Motherhood

  1. love the post esp. the part about being obsessive! OMG! is that what N said? I would’ve expected cartwheels, tight hugs all over the place! am also the obsessive type and bought a couple of HPTs for my wife in the first year of marriage…but sadly nothing panned out…

  2. Happy mother’s day. This decade has eclipsed all those before, hasn’t it? I have never felt as alive before kid came along.

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