(Random) Happenings

N is leaving tomorrow for a 10 day business trip to China.  Missing celebrating both his 39th birthday and Mother’s Day with us.  He will be spending most of his time in China with (female) colleague JX.  My friend S says this is all very suspicious.  Hmmm…

Wonder if China silk is still as popular as it was when I was in 9th grade.  Maybe N can bring back some for me and earn brownie points to compensate for badly timed business trip.

Surely a sign of impending old age when you see entries in your cell phone like “Suchi, call only after 3 pm” with multiple phone numbers for Suchi and yet for the life of you can’t recall who Suchi is!! [Suchi – If you happen to read this, pl. call me. It’s been a while. ;)]

The 4th grader is taking state mandated tests this week (along with every other 4th grader in the state, of course).  Recalling the borderline hysteria with which I used to arrive at my own exams after prep and more prep, I look at the 9-year old and see her browsing old Amar Chitra Kathas and Archies like she’s in the middle of summer vacation.  When I asked her with kolaveri just what exactly she thought she was doing, she said “Mommy, It’s fine.  I just need to chillax.”  Apparently, her teacher’s main prep advice was to not stress out, to take it easy, and to eat and sleep well.  Not even something like “Bring sharp pencils and an eraser!!”  Ada chi!! 

I am giving a big presentation on certain NJ regulations to a business council group tomorrow.  Of course, the saniyan State of NJ HAS to publish major revisions to the regs two days before my talk.  That leaves me now with less than 24 hours to review all the circuitous language in the code, revamp my slides, and explain it all to a bunch of potential clients (hmmm… very likely that they won’t be so much “potential” anymore after listening to me).

Beginning to understand what my friend LG means when she talks about looming deadlines and finding herself squandering away time blogging and pretending the deadline doesn’t exist.  I am right there this morning.

Happy tuesday!


4 thoughts on “(Random) Happenings

  1. 1. “My friend S says this is all very suspicious” : With friends like your’s, N needs no enemies.
    2. Poor Suchi..not only has she to call you again, but also identify herself. Middle age.
    3. Good luck to the fourth grader. Considering what a nervous wreck I used to be, I am soooo totally her fan now.
    4. Presentations – you’ll ace it. Nothing like last minute panic to let the adrenalin flow. Adrenalin overload = fantastic presentation.
    5. Looming deadlines-Blogging: Welcome to the world, friend.

  2. Ask N to get you girls pashminas. Totally get you on the testing. I wanted A to take a couple of practise tests over the weekend and she showed me a note from her teacher on Test prep: relax, eat a good meal and go to bed early. What the heck? As for presentations, I have to take a break after each slide to cruise blogs and FB (and that is when, annoyingly, nobody will be posting..again, what the heck?).

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