Flower Power

I spent all of twenty minutes last night at the softball field watching my 9 year old’s team at a scrimmage. Turns out even that was too much.  Blasted pollen everywhere.  Went to bed early after maniacally itching and scratching my eyes out. 

Woke up with said eyes firmly pasted to each other.  Pried them open by standing over the sink and washing with hot water.  After 15 minutes, they still looked bloodshot – like Surya’s eyes in police movies, just before big time fight scene.  Decided to just ignore the attention-seeking suckers and get on with my morning. 

Assured a concerned Amma that I felt just fine and started for work.  Got into yellow pollen-covered car and sneezed a thousand times (I kid you not!) on the 15 minute drive over.  Stumbled into work to be greeted with “whoa!!”, “gaaaaahh!!”, and “yikes” (whatever happened to “Good Morning”, you people?!).  One Einstein even remarked “Hmmmm… did you know your eyes are puffy? You look totally different!”.  Ptch!

It’s official.  I.HATE.FLOWERS.  Aaaaaaaaaaachhhhhhooooooooooooo!!!!


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