Fractional Weights

“En meedhu anbu kolla, ennodu serndhu sella…”

It was the time of our final ChemE lab exams in the third year of college.  Waiting outside the lab with a crowd of classmates and hopelessly reviewing formulae and equations at the last minute, I suddenly felt my heart in my mouth.  My fractional weight box!!  I had somehow forgotten the all important little gray box.  Each of us was supposed to bring it into the exam to measure quantities accurately to the tiniest fraction.  I looked hopefully to my best friend, H, to share her weight box with me.  If there was ever a more “by-the-rule-book” person than yours truly, it had to be H.  She shook her head apologetically to say that she really couldn’t.  What if the teachers saw us talking during the exam?!

I walked into the lab with feelings of doom and gloom.  As we went to our assigned spots and started reviewing the questions, I saw someone place the precious gray box on the table beside me.  I looked up to see N standing there with a reassuring smile.  “Take it”, he said, “I will figure something out”.

He was just a friend back then.  And it’s been almost 20 years since.  But somehow that little incident has stayed with me.  And, as we approach our 14th anniversary in a couple of weeks, I can say that indeed, that incident is very typical of N as a person and truly representative of our relationship over these years.

Who knew that the little weights would carry so much weight? 🙂


7 thoughts on “Fractional Weights

  1. Unnai enni parkayail kavithai kottuthu, athai ezhutha ninaikaiyil vaarthai muttuthu……….
    What can I say?
    I don’t think we truly understand the consequences of all our actions. What I would give to reach back in time and bring back that pokkisham.

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