Peaceful Schools

~ By a 9 year old guest blogger

I believe that by making a peaceful school, you can make a peaceful world.  Because in a few decades, all of us will be the ones making decisions.  The decisions you make are vital to making a peaceful world.  So it’s very important that right now is when we learn about peace and being peaceful.  When you become adults, you have to know how to make peace so when the time comes, you know what to do to make the world a more peaceful place for everyone.

The first step to a peaceful school is kindness.  Kindness brings peace and happiness to all.  Everyone deserves kindness, no matter who they are, no matter where they come from, no matter what race they are.  Nobody should judge anyone until they know what that person is like inside.

Being non-violent is another way to a peaceful school.  Fighting can make a friendship break apart.  Settle arguments without violence.  If you are not violent, peace will be easy to maintain.

Compassion is also helpful.  Always include people when they ask to play if you can.  Help if someone trips and hurts their knee.  Even little things like picking up a pen for a friend or inviting someone to sit at your lunch table can spread peace.

In conclusion, you can make a peaceful school and later, a peaceful world with kindness, non-violence, and compassion.  But it’s important that everyone does their part, because it takes all of us working together to make a peaceful world.


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