As I watched my 9-year old play in her violin group concert last night, I was amazed by how synchronized and professional the music made by fourth and fifth graders sounded (Think Ilayaraja’s 100 violinists playing “rakkamma kaiya thattu”! Yes, it was that impressive to me.).  And, of course, the mind drifted back to my own funny (in retrospect) dabbles at the performing arts:

(1) Dressing in a pretty white and pink star patterned frock and getting ready to sing “Twinkle twinkle” at age 3.  Only to have an accident (ahem!) at the last minute and be held back by the teacher in the dressing room.

(2) Going to the TV station near Marina Beach to audition for Kanmani Poonga and singing “A soldier came a-marching” and being told to come back when I was ready to sing tamil songs.  Going back in a couple of years to the same TV station to sing “Maamavadhu Sri Saraswathi” and inexplicably hiccupping throughout the entire song.

(3) Participating in a fancy dress competition in Amma’s office, forgetting my lines, and just standing there smiling sweetly at Amma for a couple of minutes.

(4) Participating in a karagaatam dance in IVth grade, and being the only one whose karagam kept falling off her head during rehearsals – causing major despair among the teachers.

(5) Going to an inter-school carnatic music competition and being told that my school had forgotten to send in our registration.  Worse, realizing that I had forgotten to bring along the all important “Shruthi box”, and having to sing nevertheless, ignoring the disbelieving stares from the audience.

Luckily for her, my little apple seems to have gotten far away from the tree. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Concert

  1. Ah! But you forget the sweet voice that forced a certain gentleman to leave his orbit and enter yours…the binary star is surviving…
    You also forget the Guna duet in Georgia Tech – Kanmani, Anbodu….
    And the countless Golu performances….
    Looks like this caterpillar did turn into a butterfly…

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