Total Recall

“Everyone has a photographic memory.  Some just don’t have film.”

I have a pretty strong memory.  I can recall my early childhood days in vivid and colorful detail (so beware if you were mean to me back then. I ain’t forgotten nothin’ and I am comin’ after you!).  Here’s a sprinkling of my early memories:

(1) A fine saturday morning when I was three. Amma had decided it was hair wash day and in a tam brahm household in the ’70s, that could only mean intense scrubbing with nallennai (sesame oil) and shikakai podi.  Man, I can clearly see “mini me” in a little bright orange frilly frock crying and making the burning in my eyes worse.  And the yucky taste of the shikakai, ugh!!

(2) Telling the kind looking teacher in 1st grade that my hand hurt and I just couldn’t go on with the writing that afternoon.  Only to have the sadist hit my hand with a wooden ruler (ouch!) and say “now do you want to write?” and laugh like a tamil movie villi.

(3) In 2nd grade…, ok, too embarrassing to put in a public forum, so won’t share this one (no, not even with you).

(4) Sitting in a circle with my sister and cousins around Paati (grandma) during hot summer afternoons and waiting with an outstretched hand for my share of thayir sadam and manga thokku.  Yum!!!

(5) Walking up and down Thatha’s (grandpa’s) back as he would lie face down for an afternoon siesta. 

(6) Distributing cashew nuts and India flags to poor kids on the streets during patriotic holidays.  Why cashews, you ask? As my sister would vehemently point out, those were not my favorites so I felt they were fair game to share with the world.

Ok, so those are a few of mine.  What’s your earliest recall?


8 thoughts on “Total Recall

    • Mads, I don’t know what became of her since that was like a million years ago. 🙂 But I am saving up the bile for a perv professor that I had at Anna University. Now him, I would like to go back to and give a earful!!

  1. Here’s mine….
    1) Trying to wake up early on Saturday mornings, just to listen to Venkateswara Suprapatham on radio ( we didn’t have the tapes/cds at that time). Most of the times I missed the 6 am deadline by a full hour!

    2) Going with Thatta early in the morning to Keshava/Madhava perumal temple. Used to love the foggy Dec sky and wished I could live in a place like that forever!!! I should have been careful what I wished for and that too in a temple!! My wish came true as I see nothing but fog on some mornings and afternoons here!

    3) Appa walking in the hot afternoon sun from Mandavelli to Luz and back just to get me that much needed white shoes that I needed for sports day! I felt bad then , thinking about my sports skills and I feel bad about it now as I can still see his flushed face from the hot sun as he entered the house.

    4) Walking back home with Amma from the dentist’s office and eating yummy ” vendakai curry” she made that day. I can still feel the yummy taste in my mouth.

    5) Mama coming all the way from Ennore on Sunday evenings to take you to the beach ( ahem….this should have been part of your memory).

    Got a lot more to share, but got to go make dinner, so my kids can have their own yummy memories to share some day of their fabulous Mom 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I am into this whole zen-live-in-the-moment crap, however unsuccessfully. So every time nostalgia hits like a ton of bricks, I archive it in my blog and erase it from the internal hard drive. There is very little space up there at the moment, can’t afford to crowd it with the past.

    Or so I attempt to believe.

  3. Oooh, I also had a totally villi LKG teacher (Miss.Collett)..she used to smack us on our knuckles with a wooden ruler..I remember getting one ‘cos I wouldn’t go to sleep one afternoon (we used to have an hour for sleeping in LKG and UKG)! Not quite sure how making me yell (and boy did I scream!) and waking up the rest of the “good kids” helped her out…but thinking of the yelling (not the smacking) still brings a smile to my face!

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