Chill, dude!

We moved into our new offices a couple of weeks back.  It is taking a while to get our heating situation sorted out.  The satisfaction of arriving in my new spacious work space with the giant wall of windows lasted all of an hour.  After being chilled to my bones despite wearing my sweater, winter coat and gloves at my desk for the whole day (well, I am not a polar bear, after all), I smuggled my space heater in to work the next morning.  Mmmm… I was toasty and snug as a bug in a rug.  This was the good life.  Till the power suddenly went out.  The kind electrician pointed to my space heater and one that a colleague with the same brilliant idea had brought in as the culprits.  After fielding off a steady stream of visitors all afternoon who came by to grin at my crime and enquire about my heater, I reluctantly took the baby back home.  Within a couple of days, the HVAC system was fixed (or so it seemed), and peace and warmth reigned at the workplace.

Until this morning.  After a weekend when we got the first snow of this season (no, the freak snow from Halloween doesn’t count), I come in to work and find myself firmly back in polar territory.  As I huddle with my hot water bottle (How many hot cocoas do you expect me to drink before noon? Especially, when I am on a diet!) and count the number of days to spring, I find myself actually considering a walk outside in the snow during my lunch break. I am pretty sure it’s warmer out there.


2 thoughts on “Chill, dude!

  1. Ah! so you got caught by the space heater police…tsk! tsk! Luckily I haven’t been yet :-). Having recently moved into an office with window, I have had the same cold-office problem – admittedly not as bad as your polar bear territory – and, have realized that a window office is not as good as it sounds, in winter climes! Another problem is that I can see it getting dark by 4-5 p.m. in Dec/Jan and feel I should be going home :-). Never a problem in the past w/o windows. See what all we have to endure to get paid and live the rich life!!!!

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