Writing (again)

After reading and enjoying the blogs of several friends (and some strangers), I have decided to start writing. I recall writing in my diary about daily events in my life when I was not quite 10 years old. Inexplicably, the diary writing stopped after I turned 13 – the teenager not as keen to share all her thoughts like the little girl had been.  And decades later (we won’t discuss how many decades later), writing about a life changing event that happened to me in 2011 (if only to be read by my own eyes and by those closest to me) has helped me find a certain peace. 

So here I am.  Mom, wife, manager – as I like to put it dramatically to my husband when I find myself in a mood to trumpet how much I juggle and how awesome I am (which is thankfully not all that often).  

I look forward to writing again. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Writing (again)

  1. Mom, wife, manager: add chef, chauffeur, event co-ordinater, travel agent, financial planner, wet/dry cleaner…dang it, we need a raise!

  2. Hi Kavi,
    Enjoyed reading ur post. looking forward for more. Glad you found some inner peace ( i am still struggling, couldn’t get over it or accept it)

    • Thanks, Poornima. I know what you mean. It is not something easy to get over. It is one of my first thoughts every morning. Lots of little things everywhere that bring up memories at the most unexpected times. Happy memories, but knowing that you can never go back hurts. Still, I am doing better than how I was several months back. When looking back, I feel like I was under a fog then. And I think my writing about the events helped me get over that fog.

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