I am working from home today. Somehow, these WFH days end up being way busier than you think they would be (they should really be called WTF days, I say!). Spent most of the morning hidden upstairs working away and yammering on the phone. Did pause to congratulate self that our cook, R, was coming over today, so didn’t have to ponder the one question that I find absolutely nerve-wracking – “Mommy, what’s for lunch?”.

Dropped R home at 2:00 pm after she made some delicious lunch (aloo parathas, paneer capsicum sabji, and sabudana kichdi – super yum!!). As I drove her home, we were commiserating with each other on our busy mornings. R mentioned that she had been out cooking since 6:30 am, and that as soon as I dropped her at home she was going to make dinner for her family, since she still had another cooking job this evening which would go on from 4 pm till at least 7 pm.

Man, felt like a total a$$hole for whining to her about my busy morning. And told her that I hoped that the rest of her week is easier, and that I felt like sitting down and having a cup of tea after just hearing about her busy day. Which, come to think of it, was also a dumb thing to say. I mean, if someone is overwhelmed, I don’t know if it’s reassuring to hear “oh no, you are so overwhelmed”. Anyway, that’s what I said.

I was blown away by her response.

“Do you want to come in to my house? I can quickly make you a cup of masala chai”, she offered – 8 hours into a 12 hour, entirely on-her-feet, work day.

That, my friend, is what they call Grace.

Blackboard Wisdom

This is a tough week at work for both N and me, and little N is super busy with her summer course as well. The atmosphere at home is pretty intense already, and it’s only Monday. Decided to spew some pep talk on my kitchen blackboard – some pearls of wisdom to give hope and sanity to the busy bees (mostly self).

Nice, no?

Flash Back

After a nice dinner out to kick-off the weekend, found myself with absolutely nothing to do this evening. Rummaged through the bookshelf in our bedroom looking for some old forgotten book (love the comfort of re-reading). And stumbled on my diary from my pre-teen years (yes, that fossil!).

Found this letter in there, preserved carefully for soooo many years (ok, might as well make that decades).

I must have been 11 then, in 7th standard. Pen-pals were all the rage, I recall. I was beyond thrilled to receive this (unsolicited) letter from (what I imagined) was some dashing 14 year old in the UK.

After reading and re-reading the letter a few times, I giddily ran to Appa. I distinctly remember standing in the kollai of Thatha and Patti’s house (why? perhaps washing up after a meal, who knows?). Anyway. I breathlessly informed Appa that I had a letter from a kid named Nick Waspe and asked if I could please write back to him. “Is that a boy? No, no writing back to this boy.” was all Appa said as he walked back into the house. I remember standing there in the kollai looking at his departing back, soooo disappointed, but yet not saying a word. That was the end of the discussion (take note, little N and little A – such parental obedience displayed by your fabulous mother). I didn’t even think to suggest to Appa that perhaps I could write to Nick’s friend Andrea (a girl, as he puts it). I really pined for a pen-pal for a while after that, I remember (at least till non-stop studying took over in 10th grade and thereafter).

I know that I have a strong memory and all, but looking at this letter today, I could viscerally recall the twinge of disappointment that my 11-year old self felt. Looking back, I wish I had rocked the boat a little and asked Appa for a reason as to why I couldn’t write back. Perhaps he didn’t actually feel that strongly about my writing or not writing. Perhaps I could have worn him down if I had asked a couple of times.

Was it Lewis Carroll that said “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”? Satya vachan! 🙂

Friday Morning Walk



Solitary morning walk
Glorious sunshine

(Now that I am firmly in haiku-land, you didn’t think I would actually go back to writing full posts, did you? Also, you may have noticed that I am not rhyming all my hailkus. Do you know how hard it is? I rhyme when I can. Ok, then.)

Walking down bike path
As morning commute snarls by
Lovely job I hath.
Pausing during walk
Writing haikus as I go
What a load of crock! 😉

Kaiku’s Haikus

I am in so much trouble.
I woke up an hour later than usual today. Still, I am standing in my kitchen ignoring lunches that need to be packed (quickly), and am trying to finish up a haiku that just popped in my mind about Memorial Day.
Hmmm…. obsession is a sweet (but typically unproductive) thing.
Plus, I feel that I am cluttering up my blog with one three-liner after another.
Worry not, I am not retiring my haiku-ing within 24 hours.
I am merely organizing my pearls of wisdom elsewhere.
Check out for my daily updates.
Can’t wait to churn out more today! 🙂


Told you that I would be back, didn’t I? Didn’t expect that I will be back in 10 minutes, but that’s where we are. You ready?

I was called kaiku
When little. Did someone know
That I will haiku?
Paruppu saadam
With green cabbage and keerai
To top off, baadam.
Learnt something today
Haiku-ing makes me silly
All play, no work, yay!

I LOVE it, if I say so myself. 🙂